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Our Promise

We promise to provide the highest level of service, advice, communication, and commitment we can deliver with integrity and care attained from our 40+ years of experience as farmers.

The Peridōt Group, INC has been providing remote and on-site services to local sustainable farmers for 10 years formally, and bring 40+ years of experience to the table. We grow in square feet, not acres which gives us a very unique approach to how we farm and the viability of our business. Not only do we use these methodologies internally, but we also teach these practices to others. Our sustainable systems allows for us to grow 365 days a year, producing super foods that are more advantageous to the body than traditionally grown food.

The agribusiness industry is changing rapidly. Global demand will require a 50%+ increase in production of major agricultural crops over the next 40 years. Sources of new land are limited; therefore, greater yield is critical to meeting the ever-increasing global demand. Consulting in nontraditional growing methodologies will give local farmers the edge, and create thriving local economies while allowing us to combat the abundance of food desserts. This is our dedicated area of focus, and we’re passionate about creating sustainable local farmers to generate a healthier community.

Going forward, local farmers will have to compete in an increasingly complex environment, which includes increasing competition for resources as alternative fuel sources; more environmental pressure on farming techniques; and competing governmental priorities that suppress operations. Peridōt works as a liaison for the “little guys” to navigate these and many other pressing issues to achieve sustainable results.