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Business Planning

Are you starting a farm business and you aren’t sure if it’s sustainable or if there is a market for your product? Maybe you are a beginning farmer who is struggling to set up your systems and marketing and are wondering if you have a viable model. Or maybe you have an experienced operation that is looking for new market opportunities and needs help implementing new industry trends?

Our team has worked with farmers, artisans, and producers across the country and can help you figure out how to grow your business sustainably. We have crunched the numbers on many different enterprises and can help you pencil out complicated regenerative systems.

On-site Tune-ups and Lean Assessments

How resilient is your business? Are your processes streamlined with every step focused toward adding value to your customers? Have you looked for bottlenecks and turned them into opportunities? We can help you set up your farm so you get the greatest return on your massive investments of time, effort, and money. Many times we can help farms increase process flow by up to 25%!

The lean method was developed in Japan and helped Japanese automakers like Toyota, Lexus, and Honda compete against, and then eventually dominate, the much bigger US automakers such as Ford and GM. Since then, many books have been written on it and it has helped thousands of businesses around the world create more customer value with less resources, leading to higher quality and more valuable products that cost the company less to make.

We’re big believers in lean, and have implemented it successfully on multiple farms, streamlining production, reducing labor, and increasing profits.